‘FIFA 17’ Glitch, Guide: Fail-Proof Way On How To Score With Penalty Kick

While there has been a number of “FIFA 17” glitches that caused the game to behave in ways that it shouldn’t be, most of them were already fixed. However, there are still some exceptions and this particular untouched glitch lets players score with the penalty kick 100 percent of the time.

The guide on how to properly execute the glitch was was posted on Ovvy’s YouTube channel. This particularly helpful bug helps players score the penalty kick, giving the defender no chance in blocking it whatsover.


Pulling off the trick requires the player to aim on either to the left or to the right with the most minimal way possible that the change in direction is extremely subtle. The shot power button needs to be around 1.5 power bars.

As explained by the uploader of the video, the defender can attempt to guard the shot in three various ways and on either the left and right direction. With the way that the shot power is charged, the defender won’t reach the ball by guarding the upper left or upper right direction of the posts.

The same thing applies in the middle parts on either direction due to the ball’s speed, but not overpowered movement.

As a lot of people might have questioned, if the the defender decides to block the shot on either the lower left or lower right of the goal post, the ball will bounce back directly and effortlessly to the striker, providing an opening for another easy shot to a goal.

This is due to the fact that the ball is directed on neither the post nor the middle, making sure that it hits the defender in the event that he predicts the direction of the shot. The 1.5 power bar shot gauge is also an important factor as it ensures that the ball does not bounce too strong, missing the striker’s direction altogether and losing the opportunity for an easy shot.


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