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To call something a revelation, there’s usually a pretty big deal behind the curtain being pulled back. The ArcheAge Revelation update looks to be precisely that, as the update is one of the largest the game has seen.

ArcheAge Revelation Update Bringing Huge Changes - fifa16online.com

Revelation updates ArcheAge to 3.0 and adds scads of new content. Two new playable races are joining the game, the Dwarves and the Warborn. Not only do these new races bring new areas and quests, but they also each are able to change themselves fully in to new powerful forms. In total, five new areas will be added with Revelation, bringing new opportunities for exploration and housing.

Revelation will also introduce “Fresh Start servers”, a type of legacy server for the game where all players start from the very beginning and all of the current content is introduced at once, including all that 3.0 will offer. There are two Fresh Start servers being introduced: one for NA and one for the EU.

3.0 will also add new Abyssal Skills that continue character growth once players hit a skill tree maximum at level 55, enhancements to the Family system, several new housing locations with unique regional goods, and the usual extras like new gear, items and combat pets.

ArcheAge Revelation arrives on December 10th. A teaser site that can be found here, and a new trailer heralding the update can be viewed below.

Our Thoughts

A revelation indeed! Update 3.0 is looking like one of the most significant to ArcheAge yet. We’re curious if the Fresh Start servers idea will gain traction enough for new servers of the same type to be opened, but we’re also interested to try out all of the new content coming to the sandbox!

Your Thoughts

What part of Revelation are you excited to try out first? Will you be entering one of the Fresh Start servers, or are you going to focus on a main character you already have? Give us your thoughts below in the comments!

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